The main advantage of our wainscot is custom - made project. Installation is very simple and does not require the involvement of an assembly team. The use of Wainscot will be perfect solution for staircases, corridors, living room but also for commercial premises such as shops, hotels and restaurants. 

Boazera angielska A1

We have created an ideal solution for both professionals and home owners, allowing for self-assembly of English paneling. Instead of building paneling on site, customers provide us with detailed measurements of their interior and we will make panels to order. This solution makes our Wainscot fast and easy to install. It only requires basic tools and little DIY. Mounting glue is sufficient for installation, available in any DIY store.

Our Wainscot are made of MDF boards with a thickness of 18mm in any size. The pattern is milled to a depth of 6-10mm. Some models have an additional framing surrounding the pattern. Chair rails we supply separetly.

There are four finishing options:

- raw for self-painting

- primed

- painted in any color from the RAL palette

- laminated foil

Orders can be placed by e-mail to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All you need to do is to send us hand made sketch with the domension of the wall please check the example how to create it by yourself.



 Below, available models of the Wainscot:


Model A1

 boazeria angielska A1 bialy parkiet

boazeria angielska A1 panel 60x100 bialy  A1 wymiary 


Model A2


boazeria angielska A2 bialy parkiet

boazeria angielska A2 panel 60x100 bialy   A2 wymiary


 Model A3

boazeria angielska A3 bialy parkiet


boazeria angielska A3 panel 60x100 bialy A3 wymiary

Model A4


boazeria angielska A4 bialy parkiet

boazeria angielska A4 panel 60x100 bialy A4 wymiary

Model A5

boazeria angielska A5 bialy parkiet

boazeria angielska A5 panel 60x100 bialy A5 wymiary

 Model A6

boazeria angielska A6 bialy parkiet

boazeria angielska A6 panel 60x100 bialy A6 wymiary

 Model A7


boazeria angielska A7 bialy parkiet

boazeria angielska A7 panel 60x100 bialy A7 wymiary

  Model A8

boazeria angielska A8 bialy parkiet

boazeria angielska A8 panel 60x100 bialy A8 wymiary


 Model A9


boazeria angielska A9 bialy parkiet

boazeria angielska A9 panel 60x100 bialy A9 wymiary


Model A10


boazeria angielska A10 bialy parkiet

boazeria angielska A10 panel 60x100 bialy A10 wymiary






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