We make two types of Radiator covers:

  • Free-standing Radiator cover
  • Frontal Radiator cover for hanging

The modern design of the Radiator covers have a decorative function, although our experience shows that it is also safety.

Our Radiator covers are made of MDF boards with a thickness of 16mm in any size.

There are three finishing options:

- raw for self-painting

- painted in any color from the RAL palette

- laminated foil

To install the cover, you can use the assembly kit available in our store - you only need to select the type of heater, you can order a cover without handles and install it, for example, in a recess.


Please select the model number and specify when ordering:


The presented models have the dimensions of 100x60 cm (when ordering a different size, it is possible to send you the design for inspection):


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